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Book 2 is Here!

Benjamin Birdie and the Tree Dwellers, the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning Benjamin Birdie’s First Flight, continues the adventures of Benjamin Birdie in his quest to fly. After an unsuccessful first flight, Benjamin Birdie is still anxious to fly high in the sky like all the other birds. With his wings now grown stronger, and support from his mom, Benjamin is ready to give flying another try. Nervously leaping from his nest, he stumbles at first, but recovers just in time after hearing the encouraging voices of all his tree-dwelling friends cheering him on! Benjamin's newfound flying skills inspire his friends to follow their own dreams and attempt things once thought they couldn't do.

Join Benjamin Birdie and his tree-dwelling friends as they learn to believe in themselves, all while seeing just how important it is to be there for a friend when they're not feeling sure of themselves. Sometimes a friend is all you need to find confidence and courage to soar to new, spectacular heights!

"Benjamin Birdie and the Tree Dwellers is a lovely picture book for young readers. It’s an encouraging story that lets children know that they should always work at solving their problems, and believe they can make their dreams become realities. Having the support of friends is very important too. The author’s picture book is a wonderful teaching aid to boost a child’s confidence."

Michelle Stanley, goodreads